Friday, March 26, 2010


Blanket forts are fun. I used to make full living room sized forts with all the blankets and chairs in the house during the summer. They were mansions with rooms and everything. My sister and I even figured out how to rig up a phone using one of those old hair dryers with which you would sit down with your hair in a shower cap. The hose would go in one "room" and the business end would go in another and we could communicate through the the dryer. Nice, huh?
Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing this with the kids. Miss Z insisted that it involve her store playhouse (that is the large peak you see on the end) and her puppet stage. Then we had to bring all of our pillows inside and the flashlight lantern and we all had to eat dinner in there. We had to keep it up to show the cousins when they came over the next day. Fun was had by all. This is a definite good idea for a rainy day or any day really.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Constitution!

I have now read our Constitution. The think I find most interesting is that our forefathers were so forward thinking. I can’t imagine trying to figure out the rules for a government that would hopefully last into infinity. And of course they were smart enough to give themselves the option of changing things, but not too easily. Now there are certainly things that got left out at first- slavery and voting right coming particularly to mind. I am not saying these guys were the geniuses of the universe, but they were smarter than I may ever be.

It was shorter than I expected. I can’t remember if I was ever directed to read the whole Constitution before in school or something.

There were a few things I didn’t completely understand, but the version I was reading had handy dandy notes and explanations. Here’s the link:

I didn’t know or remember that when this all got started, the vice-president was the guy who got the second highest number of votes in the presidential election. Imagine if that were the case today, it would have been an Obama/McCain presidency. Eeek! Clearly they saw the error in this system and amended the Constitution.

Prohibition kind of stuck out like a sore thumb to me. It seemed oddly over personal in a list of laws related to very general human rights (so I guess that is why they got rid of it). It kind of enhances my belief that all this hubbub over a marriage amendment is equally ill suited for the Constitution. Here is my political statement. In the eyes of the government, I think all “marriages” should be considered civil unions and what you want to call marriage gets decided in your bed. I think sometimes when we get all uppity about wanting to make laws, we forget that “we the majority” may not always be that. And what are we gonna do if the tables turn?

I recommend reading the Constitution. I feel like I have at least read my basic rights now. I am a little less citizenship challenged.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am realizing that I don't seem to give a crap about the states and capitals. Ok, maybe the states, but not the capitals. I haven't even thought about it in weeks. But I said I would and I will. Someday.

There will be no photo for this one...

Well, there will be no photo for part of this one. I crossed two more things off the list last weekend. I got a bikini wax (no photo) and I bought some clip in extensions (photos above).

First the bikini wax:

I go to this place in the mall called Ziba (or something like that) to get my eyebrows and (ahem, I whisper this to the side) my lip done. They are a chain that does threading. But hazah! they also do waxing. So this past Saturday was one of my days off from motherhood (thank you hubby!) and I decided to do a general de-hairing. The "artist" took me into a little room and well, you guys have probably all seen "40 Year-Old Virgin". Maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but needless to say, I sort of felt like I had sucked water up my nose a couple of times from the stinging and sharp intake of breath. At the end she kept making me check and tell her what I wanted fixed. My immediate impulse was to tell her it was perfect while trying not to cry so it could all be over. Then I tried to remind myself that I was paying for this and I might as well get my money's worth. It is fine. I don't know that I need to have that experience again. I don't think I have enough vanity to spend $40/month on that part of my body when a razor works just fine.

So there.

As to the clip in extensions:

Same day, same mall. I was passing Trade Secret and noticed the Jessica Simpson clip ins. I went in to ask if I could try on and they said no. I told them it was a lot to ask people to spend $105 on extensions that they can't even take out of the box, at which point I was informed that they were 75% off. SOLD! The very nice lady clipped em in for me right there and I wore them all night out on me and the hubz's date night to a Motley Crue tribute band show (I am a nice wife). The pics make the clip in look a lot lighter than my hair but I think that is because the synthetic hair reflects the flash a lot more. In person, they are a really good match.

Whatcha think?