Friday, March 5, 2010

There will be no photo for this one...

Well, there will be no photo for part of this one. I crossed two more things off the list last weekend. I got a bikini wax (no photo) and I bought some clip in extensions (photos above).

First the bikini wax:

I go to this place in the mall called Ziba (or something like that) to get my eyebrows and (ahem, I whisper this to the side) my lip done. They are a chain that does threading. But hazah! they also do waxing. So this past Saturday was one of my days off from motherhood (thank you hubby!) and I decided to do a general de-hairing. The "artist" took me into a little room and well, you guys have probably all seen "40 Year-Old Virgin". Maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but needless to say, I sort of felt like I had sucked water up my nose a couple of times from the stinging and sharp intake of breath. At the end she kept making me check and tell her what I wanted fixed. My immediate impulse was to tell her it was perfect while trying not to cry so it could all be over. Then I tried to remind myself that I was paying for this and I might as well get my money's worth. It is fine. I don't know that I need to have that experience again. I don't think I have enough vanity to spend $40/month on that part of my body when a razor works just fine.

So there.

As to the clip in extensions:

Same day, same mall. I was passing Trade Secret and noticed the Jessica Simpson clip ins. I went in to ask if I could try on and they said no. I told them it was a lot to ask people to spend $105 on extensions that they can't even take out of the box, at which point I was informed that they were 75% off. SOLD! The very nice lady clipped em in for me right there and I wore them all night out on me and the hubz's date night to a Motley Crue tribute band show (I am a nice wife). The pics make the clip in look a lot lighter than my hair but I think that is because the synthetic hair reflects the flash a lot more. In person, they are a really good match.

Whatcha think?


  1. Ooohh, preeety!! The clip-ons look great! At first I thought they were the woven in spend 4 hours at the salon type deal. As for the bikini wax... oh you are a brave soul. I don't know that I'll ever have the nerve or I suppose having too many nerves is the problem. SO was it a Brazilian or just the regular American?

  2. I started with a regular, but the woman told me in her thick Middle Eastern accent that I would be very sad when I got home if I didn't do the whole thing. Basically it is Carnival in my pants!

  3. Heehee!!!!
    Yeah, I suppose she's right.
    In for a penny, in for a pound.