Friday, April 29, 2011

Thrifty Threads

Hi all. Angela was kind enough to post an outfit of mine on Thrifty Threads again. She is sooooooo nice. I love her blog and am honored to be included again. Please check her blog out. It is called My Year Without Spending (and yes, she did not spend on anything except pretty much food for a whole year!)

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Heart Reading

Two more book reviews. Both of these are all about parenting daughters. As I said, my reading tends to have a theme. I am like a serial monogamist reader.

James Dobson- Bringing Up Girls

I really liked this book. Actually, I think this book would be excellent for fathers to read. The role of a father (or positive male mentor) in a girls life is heavily accentuated. My husband doesn't really enjoy reading and most of his reading involves manuals for work but I was able to tell him a lot about what I read. Sometimes I think dads don't realize how important they are to little girls because they figure that their little sweetie is always going to run to mommy with all of her girl problems. The key is the modeling a man does in his daughter's life. Because how a daddy acts, often dictates what a girl expects in a future mate.

Vicki Courtney- 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter

I like this book as well. Ms. Courtney has a wonderful way with telling you like it is without sounding preachy. Using examples from her own life (less than perfect which helped me connect) she tells you some of the most important issues you will have to face with your girls. I know it is early for me to be worrying about some of this stuff, but I just don't think you can be too prepared!

Ok. So my book reviews aren't terribly long or descriptive. I just kind of say why I liked it or didn't. I will never be hired to review books for the paper I guess. Sigh....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Move over Elmer's...we've got something better

Miss Z and I made homemade glue this weekend. It was really fun. By the way, you will notice that Miss Z is wearing glasses. These are not necessary to help her see, but she wears them most of the time when she is at home because you need glasses when you are doing important or smart things (according to her).

This is what the glue looks like when it is done.

I can't figure out where I got this recipe. So fellow blogger out there in blog world, I apologize. But here is how it works:

Homemade Glue Recipe

1 cup boiling water
3 tablespoons white flour
4 tablespoons cold water
1 tablespoon sugar

1. Put boiling water in a pot.

2. Mix flour and cold water well. Use a whisk to get rid of any clumps.

3. Slowly pour the flour mixture into the hot water, mixing the whole time.

4. Turn on fire under the pot and heat until mixture thickens. Mix constantly. This should take only a minute or two. (When I did this part, I never had to turn on the burner again. It thickened up without additional heat)

5. Once thick, turn off fire and mix in sugar.

6. Transfer to a container for storage, and then put in the refrigerator.

7. Once cool, use as you would any other glue.

Here is how the kiddies used some of the glue:

It is Noah's ark. With a pirate flag. Perhaps not doctrinally correct, but hey, at least they are pretending Bible stuff. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Cleaned out email! I know this seems like no big deal, but I am down to 40 emails in my box. I feel like I purged my closet or something.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roses as big as yo head

Above you see a picture of some roses from my backyard. I have this one bush that produces noggin sized blooms.

See rose...noggin and rose are approximate in size.

Here is also a link to my old blog that cracks me up. You should look it over if you have a quirky sense of humor.

Random Roundup

have fun!