Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The aftermath...

Christmas was a time of illness in the world of me. It may have been the flu. It was definitely bronchitis. I was on my booty for a long time. Mostly I knew I had been puny when my hubby told me I looked really cute one day. When I said thanks, he told me it was the first time he had seen me out of pajamas in a long time. :)

So first of all, I knocked two things off the old list over the holiday:


On New Year's Eve, our good friends came over and we made tamales. They were GOOD!!! Now I want to make some more and get really creative. I only got a few pics of Miss Z up to her elbows in the masa, but fun was had by all. It really takes a village to make tamales by the way.

Also, my fabulous hubby got me a ukulele for Christmas. Those 6 months of guitar lessons in college finally paid off because I am soaring along at playing. It is so fun that I can't even hardly stand it. The hubz said that this is the Christmas that will forever be remembered as the year he lost his wife to a ukulele.

And so there.

New Year's resolution is to exercise more. I really MUST.

Let's see how I do.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Exercise more! But you'll waste away! I love that pic of you with the ukulele. I saw it on flickr and just thought it was so sweet. Sorry to hear you were sick. I had the ick over the holidays too, but not as bad as you, but it did knock me on my arse for a long time. Bowel surgery immediately followed by head cold = no bueno. Glad we're feeling better!

  2. That Dottie angel is pretty cool. I'm always lusting after this chic's life:

    (She's Posie Gets Cozy on my blogs I admire)