Monday, June 27, 2011

I painted my shoes!

I have been wanting this pair of yellow shoes forever. Nevermind. I can't find them online anymore. They were Seychelles, they were yellow, they were fabulous, they were expensive!

So left to my own devices with some internet tutoring and a pair of ivory shoes I don't wear much, I set off about making my dreams come true.

Here is a pic of one shoe with one coat of yellow (it ended up taking three coats) and one shoe as they started.

Here are the finished shoes from my point of view.

Here is a sort of blurry pic of me rocking the shoes.

Basically, you take acrylic paint and mix it with acrylic fabric medium. I would suggest you purchase or use a shoe that has a color that you would not mind showing through a little because the color remains a bit translucent (at least it did with yellow). I actually applied the paint with balled-up paper towel because I forgot to buy sponge brushes at the fabric store and I was too lazy to go back. I had to let the shoes dry about 5 days before I chanced wearing them and even now they are a tiny bit tacky to the touch so I wouldn't suggest this technique on shoes you plan to wear in particularly dirty/dusty areas. I have worn them out in the world once and they fared just fine.

Happy almost July 4!


  1. What a great idea and they are adorable shoes too!

  2. I LOVE your shoes. I have a similar pair in black.

  3. Love the color you chose, and the original shoes are pretty cool too!