Monday, October 17, 2011


Oh how I loathe talking on the phone. I fear it really. In the way that many people fear public speaking. I could public speak for days, but don't ask me to answer the phone. The heart just flutters in panic. Because of this, my husband is the social secretary in my family and many people have learned to text. Also because of this, when someone in my family calls me (since they have long since learned better), I panic and think there must be a tragedy. So most of those calls go liket this: Hello? DON'T WORRY. NOTHING IS WRONG. I JUST HAD TO ASK YOU A QUESTION.

So, I finally called someone I haven't talked to in a long time. Kaitanya (the one in the middle) is my history. I did a lot of growing up with her and she and I kind of drifted apart in the college and 20's year. Thank heavens for Facebook. Now we are reunited and "it feels so good". I finally called her the other day. Unfortunately, it was to talk about something sad that happened, but I hope it has opened up a door to many more happy conversations in the future.

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  1. yay! i'm glad you decided to make that call...i must admit, i'm usually too BUSY to sit and chat...and worse, living in the country, i RARELY keep a signal on my SPRINT phone (dang you, cell tower!)
    just know that i NEVER stopped loving you...and NEVER stopped calling you my best friend...even when we drifted apart. you will ALWAYS be my CDW!