Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thith Ith Hard

Thith Ith Hard

(imagine the makes it more funny...get it?)

So, I can check origami off of my list. My total sweetie of a best friend came to spend the night with me and as a gift with purchase, she brought an origami kit. Ooohhh, Aaaah. The box was filled with brightly colored squares (including some labeled as fancy foil!). My four year-old couldn't wait to tear into it. We were excited. We thought origami would be conquered easily. We were wrong. Here is an example of the directions. Let me preface this by saying that the directions start after you are supposed to have accomplised basic fold 1. Basic fold 1 was created by evil monks in Tibet or something that are laughing at the stupid American girls who will spend an entire night trying to figure out something that is called basic but has about 12 steps.

Of course these directions are for the very advanced crane (to be conquered later in this blog), but you get the idea.

I started with a car. It seemed cool and easy. I was wrong. I think it took me 30 minutes and many do-overs to get this:

Then I tried to do a sailboat cuz the best friend figured that out about the same time as I got the car working.

This is sort of sad sailboat, because the paper ripped out of sympathy because I think I nearly had an aneurism trying to figure it out.

Then I tried the parrot.

Mr. Parrot did not make me want to die as much and I think he turned out really cute. But Mr. Parrot could in no way have prepared me for... THE CRANE.

You know how in movies, you will see some angsty teen or a prisoner or something and they will show the passage of time by all the origami cranes they made. These people who make lots of origami cranes are crazy people. Origami cranes are on par with water torture. If they want the terrorists to talk, they should force them to figure out how to make origami cranes. When one has completed an origami crane, one has a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. But I assure you that this is a feeling you will never want to have more than once.

The thing that I find most interesting about my origami experience is that I thought I would make some origami, and then I would know how to make origami. I couldn't even have told you what I did while I was doing it. Sometimes I would just keep folding the paper until it looked right and then Ali would say, "How did you do that?" and I would scream, "I DON'T KNOW!" Origami is indeed an art. I may try again. I still have a box filled with fancy foil paper, but I need a break. I think origami might be like math. And although I don't want to perpetuate any ideas about girls and math, I am happy to perpetuate the absolute truth that my brain and math are vineagar and water. Thith ith hard.


  1. One origami crane is all anyone needs.

  2. ps- use the origami paper for decoupage or something.