Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's been doin in my world

The past two weeks have been full. I was going to say busy, but that is not really correct. I was in the process for getting ready for a staycation with visitors and then staycating. It was really nice. My parents came in for a week.

Here are the rents at the park.

I think it is hilarious that Glen is swinging with my doggie.

Here is a better picture of the rents.

Here is a picture of my mom trying to pick a smore. It was her first one ever. Glad to have been a part of that because smores are the bomb diggity.

Here is a picture of a dress redo I just completed.

It was one of those Mrs. Roper kind of mumus. I took the grey part off of the big gathered sleeves and hemmed the rest under to make more of a flutter sleeve. The only other thing I did was make a belt from one of the Hubz’s old shirts. I used the leftovers from the sleeves to make the flower on the belt. I LOVE this dress. It makes me feel all Anthropologie-ish.

Here is a sample of Miss Z’s artsy and sometimes mildly disturbing photography. She loves to steal the camera and it is cool to find her little surprises. The Hubz thinks we should save all of them and make a coffe table photo book when we have a good sized collection. I agree.

I am in a really creative and motivated phase right now. I am obsessed with reading and making and I kind of like it a lot.

I’m ready for fall, are you?

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