Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It all happened so fast...

This weekend we had a big church retreat, so there wasn't so much in the way of time for the craftiness/leisure. My children, however, never cease to amaze me with their creativity.

Take for example Miss Z's newest art piece which I have named "Sun- a multimedia extravaganza of items reclaimed from Mommy's craft room"

Then of course, there is the original stylings of Miss Tiny. Underpants on the outside is so now.

As to things happening quickly...A family can come into a house and in the time it takes the parents to take off their shoes, little girls can do this:

They managed to run into the kitchen, get out the bag of corn flour and create a dust storm that we are still dealing with. I REALLY wanted to be ticked off and parenty, but instead I laughed. And then Miss Tiny got Corn flour in her eyes and it all became a tragedy as quickly as it had started in the first place. Even our new pup was "christened".

Life is NEVER boring.

By the way, I just read about this place on MayaMade.


They have recycled art kits for kids and they are only $5.00! How cool is that? Even the packaging they come in is recycled. I am thinking Christmas gifts. It has all the cache of purchasing something new (but without the guilt). Oh yeah.

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