Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your never too old for a slumber party

Well, I don’t even remember last week, but this weekend’s activities revolved primarily around a fantabulous slumber party had by my family and another that we are close with. Our kids are exactly the same ages and I must say that at times like this, you can see the reasons that communal living can be great. Extra parents to parent and extra kids to entertain one another is a happiness not to be taken for granted. Note the picture above of Ms. Z anxiously awaiting the arrival of her friends. She started waiting VERY early (there was much excitement about the coming party of slumber).

I would post oodles of pictures but A…I didn’t take that many and B…most of the ones I did take include the children of other parents (and I don’t post pics of other people’s kids unless I ask first).

I can, however, show you the results of one very exciting pumpkin carving extravaganza!

The kids helped with the ooey gooey stuff and designed their pumpkin faces on paper, then the parents did the carving. And we roasted pumpkin seeds, which I have never done before. They are yum!

And here is a random recipe. This is a brown rice salad from Martha Stewart. IT IS GOOD! And really easy. And even better the next day. Just a tip, I added the spinach to the hot rice and it kind of wilted it up, which I found delightful.

Peace and love and lots of candy!

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  1. Sweetness. I bet you all had a blast. Reminds of our slumber parties from days of old...