Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A harvest

Our plum tree has not been raped by the evil squirrels (unlike her poor sister the peach tree)! We got a mess o' plums up in here.

Also, on the recommendation my dear friend Renee at East of Eden, I am trying out some Sally Hansen nail effects. I thought they would be good for the girls, who like to have painted nails but do not so much have the patience for the nails to dry (thereby negating entirely the painting of the nails- not to mention the mess). First off, they are expensive- it was $10.49 for one box. However, with careful application (aka it took forever), I did both of the girls' hands and my toes and still have a few left over. So far they have survived a night of sleep and a morning shower. I am enjoying my toe glitteriness and the girls love it. We shall see how it goes.


  1. i've been wanting to try those, but i'm a bit to cheap to bite the bullet! :) these look so fun though!

    -Heather from

  2. They are fun and so far, sticking to my toes. The ones on the girls came off after a day, but I didn't expect much considering we are talking about a 5 and 2 year old. I don't know if I would do it again considering how much it cost. Maybe just if I find some occasion to need FANCY toes.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but I thought of it as way less than a pedicure. Plus I got mine at Walmart for $8.50. The ones I have on my toes are still there and still look just as good as when I first put them on. But they will definitely be a special occasion kind of thing. Love the glitter look! I'm tempted to try it, but getting it off is a true pain in the arse.