Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Circling Back?

I find myself at a point of circling back.  I think I got off track this past year.  I started buying a lot of STUFF again and I don't think I am necessarily any better for it.  I feel the need to purge and read a lot about the simple life.  I find that reading is one of the best ways to keep myself grounded.  My biggest start...I am trying to eat and give my family as much real food as possible.  I am reading lots of labels and making myself make things from scratch, even if it would be easier just to buy a mix.  And I like it.  And I feel better about myself.  I think I want to blog here more again and get back to finishing my list.  I may change some things...We'll see.


  1. Um, is that chicken candy? The chicken looks magazine good!

  2. right... there... with... ya. :) (look forward to inspiring one another through our blogs)