Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back From Vacation...sigh....

So last week was our extremely successful staycation.  We did take a mini getaway for glamping north of Santa Barbara at El Capitan Canyon.  I highly recommend...or maybe I don't because I don't want the place overrun for pete's sake.  I mean we just found it and all. :)

The events of the week:

Glamping on Sun-Tue

(Actual picture from El Capitan.  The tents really are this cool.  We had two double beds in ours)

Santa Barbara Zoo on Tuesday morning on the way back home

(we pretty much paid $65 to ride this train for twelve minutes.  But we had to wait 30 minutes to get on.  Kids enjoyed it.  Adults felt meh).

4th of July celebration and fireworks viewing at the house of a pal

(Always a delight and involves hot dogs.  Enough said)

Took the girls to see the Katy Perry movie on Thursday eve.  

(They are fans and it was very PG.  My three year old sang at the top of her lungs.  Loved it!)

Friday was pottery painting and cupcakes.

(Ok.  Color Me Mine is kind of expensive but a TOTALLY worthwhile staycation splurge.)

(I don't generally enjoy the cupcakes that are not homemade and I don't really like frosting. HOWEVER, Susie Cakes are grand indeed.  I had a seasonal blueberry pancake cupcake.  While I did not eat all of the frosting, it was still a delight.  If you are going to buy a cupcake, buy it from Susie).

Saturday the hubs and me had a date night and FINALLY watched Bridesmaids.

 (never in the history of ever has anyone been more brilliantly funny that Melissa McCarthy in this film)

Sunday we had friends over and I cooked mole enchiladas and mexican chocolate pralines and it made me HAPPY.

 (I made it myself and it was sooooo good.  I chose to do a stacked enchilada- tres easy)
(the recipe I used and the photo above are from The Homesick Texan blog.  I myself being a homesick Texan I think it was apropos.)
Recipes here and here...

I feel refreshed of spirit.  It was nice not to deal with a flight and heavy packing and constantly trying to figure out where to eat.  There is so much to do in SoCal.  Nice to actually enjoy some of it.



  1. sounds so nice and relaxing. a balance of staying in, going out, splurging a little, but not a crazy amount that can sometimes take place on *vacations. i'd love to stay at that place sometime!

  2. I love reading your blog...awesome pics....fresh perspective on everyday things that entertains....keep it up.....dad

  3. I love that you know about Lisa's blog (Homesick Texan). I worked with Lisa @ Toad Hall when she was still an actual Texan and then followed her to NY (not really but did see her some when we lived there). Don't get to see her very often but did see her last fall @ TX Book Fest for her cookbook & in Feb when I was in NY for a conference. She is awesome.