Monday, July 16, 2012

Scones, How do I love thee?

Lately of a Saturday morning, nothing can please me but a fresh hot scone and a cup of joe.  I am partial to the Dreamy Creamy Scones recipe on Smitten Kitchen (having trouble linking directly to the recipe, so this will just take you to her site).  She uses currants, which are far too closely related to the dreaded raisin for my taste.  I have made them with chocolate chips and dried blueberries and I have not been disappointed.  Also, just FYI- I didn't have any heavy cream this weekend, so I used 3/4 cup 2% milk and 1/4 cup grape seed oil.  The weren't quite as decadent, but still very good.


  1. i used to have a cranberry orange scone every single morning... well, that or a maple scone on my opening shifts at starbucks.

    ...until i found out the fat content :).

    LOVE them.

  2. Thanks for popping by, love your blog. i would have to do the decadent scones and even then I would HAVE to put some butter on them - yum!

  3. I have always wanted to try making scones...these look divine!

  4. I just discovered your blog, and I think is pretty cute. Love the structure and pics quality. I’m gonna follow you, ok? and if you follow me back I will be very happy ;)