Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Crazy Summer

It has been a crazy summer. I feel like we have had so much company. First we had William's brother along with my niece and nephew for 2 weeks. That overlapped with our current company of Grand Lucille, who is still with us for another two weeks. Last week, William's cousins from France came with their 3 kids (that was 10 for dinner on a school night, ladies and gentleman). Needless to say, I decided to sew this weekend and give up on the baking frenzy until the company situation quiets down a bit. I find that I can handle everything when it is just us, but the smallest change throws my "routine" (ha ha) into disarray.

So I made the above dress from some clearance fabric I found at Joanne's. I love the 80's feel of the print and the little ships. I am a sucker for a nautical fabric. I have become very fond of piping. Pink piping is even better.

I have a stupid look on my face in this picture, but you can see the dress just fine. This was a Betsey Johnson dress that a friend handed down to me. It was mid-calf length with a high neck and a prissy bow at the neck. Then it keyholed down to the empire waist. So I tore it up and re-did her. I like it. May I say that anyone with small children is a fool to wear silk, but I wasn't wearing it all anyway, so I figure why not?

And these are my precious babies being cute. They sleep on the floor by our bed every night (shock, gasp...STOP JUDGING) until they ultimately crawl into our bed and keep us from any kind of sleep at all (sharper gasp, I SAID STOP JUDGING). But while still on the floor, they have taken to using "sleeping bags" (or all of our pillow cases, as the case may be). I love it that my babies still fit in pillow cases.

Many blessings!

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