Wednesday, August 18, 2010

101 list update

For those of you who do not regularly scroll back to my very first blog, I thought I would give an update on how much of the list has been accomplished. I have not marked items I have changed, but feel free t0 cross reference with your memories (And the stuff that has been done is in yellow).

  1. Learn to fold a fitted sheet
  2. Write a letter to a politician about something I care about
  3. Make a chocolate soufflé from scratch
  4. Plant tomatoes in my yard and not let them die
  5. Start composting
  6. Learn to make something origami
  7. Read the Constitution
  8. Learn all of the lyrics to “The End of the World as We Know It” by REM and be able to sing it without looking
  9. Learn to make one of those connected paper doll things you can stretch out
  10. Learn to tie at least 2 real knots
  11. Do the New York Times crossword (even if I have to cheat)
  12. Get one of those funny pictures made where you dress up like cowboys and saloon girls
  13. try Ethiopian food
  14. memorize a Bible verse besides John 3:16
  15. watch Harold & Maude
  16. read To Kill a Mockingbird
  17. Learn to make frosting flowers
  18. make peanut brittle
  19. Learn to use a compass
  20. re-learn all the state capitals and mountain ranges in the U.S.
  21. watch a sunrise from my back porch
  22. go one whole day with no nagging, judging or ordering my husband
  23. have a dinner party with ridiculous 1950’s housewife food (even if the only person I invite is my friend Todd).
  24. re-learn how to multiply and divide fractions
  25. learn to play a song on the ukelele
  26. memorize the Ten Commandments
  27. Buy all produce for one week at the farmer’s market
  28. drink 8 full 8 oz. glasses of water in one day
  29. learn to tie a tie
  30. make my own laundry soap
  31. try goat milk
  32. join an “of the month” club
  33. finish my craft area
  34. make funnel cake
  35. get a fire extinguisher
  36. learn to convert Celsius and farenheit
  37. do a grammar review
  38. learn about blood pressure so I know what it means when they tell me what it is at the dr.’s office
  39. read up on how many servings of each food group we are supposed to have each day and do exactly that one day
  40. find out how much cholesterol, fat, sodium we are supposed to have in a day and compare with what I actually ate
  41. make ketchup from scratch
  42. Build up a pantry storage of food
  43. learn to cut a snowflake
  44. take a bubble bath
  45. make butter
  46. wear dresses for a whole week
  47. take the money I was going to spend on something I wanted and put it in a jar for 2 weeks. Then give that money to a charity.
  48. mail someone an unexpected and fun package
  49. make smores
  50. learn all the birthstones
  51. research what stars are in the sky and find them one night
  52. pickle something
  53. play jacks
  54. make up a new cookie recipe (at least try)
  55. make a melon basket
  56. join NPR
  57. meditate for one hour
  58. get dual citizenship for me and my girls
  59. roller skate in my driveway (if I can find my skates…59b. find skates)
  60. try to figure out exactly what inflation is/means
  61. make fruit loop necklaces with my daughter Zelda
  62. write a haiku about bacon
  63. take a cool family portrait
  64. make a blanket fort with my kids
  65. go to See’s Candy and handpick a box of chocolates for myself
  66. learn all the countries in Europe
  67. enter a recipe contest
  68. develop the perfect burger
  69. write down my 20 favorite things about my husband
  70. make a list of my top 50 songs
  71. eliminate paper towel use at home (except for extremely disgusting, must throw away immediately or burn the item afterwards messes)
  72. Go on a picnic
  73. write all the lyrics to the vegetarian cowboy song
  74. sew a piece of clothing entirely by hand (no sewing machine)
  75. call a friend I never talk to
  76. make homemade ice cream with no ice cream maker
  77. put up a clothes line
  78. find my dream coat
  79. go to bed by 10pm for one week
  80. get up at 6am for one week
  81. buy some clip on hair extensions
  82. make reusable sandwich/snack bags
  83. see two movies in one day
  84. go on a weekend vacation to a place I have never been
  85. read a Pulitzer prize winning play
  86. learn to build a fire
  87. buy stock in a company that is developing the fuel made by algae
  88. take no waste/trash lunches to work for one week
  89. wear red lipstick for a week
  90. put $2 in a jar every time I finish one of these things and spend my $202 on something frivolous
  91. have a murder mystery party
  92. be able to do a somewhat successful Texas “T” cheerleader jump
  93. get a bikini wax
  94. make tamales from scratch
  95. watch someone else’s favorite movie
  96. watch a whole movie on the phone with my best friend
  97. make homeade soft pretzels
  98. read a biography/autobiography
  99. Learn some string tricks like that cat in a cradle thing
  100. make caramel apples
  101. Learn all of the supreme court justices and what they stand for
I do think I will not accomplish all of this in 365 days, but I am having a lot of fun blogging and crossing things off of my list.

Get inspired!

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