Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BEST FRIEND WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a big weekend. I went to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with my best friend for her birthday (she lives there, we weren’t whooping it up casino style) and the hubz was home alone with the girlies.

It all started on Friday…

First it was super hero day at the girls' school. You know we had to work that!

Then best friend arrived at my house after an audition (hope she gets the part cuz then she would be here for a month). We had a lovely hot dog dinner and then made smores. Smores can be very (VERY) messy. But they are so delicious. This may be my favorite dessert.

Saturday morning we got out on the road and headed off to Vegas. We spent the day hanging out and playing with Ali’s new baby, Emerson.

We stayed up way too late making homemade cinnamon/honey marshmallows and then crashed in a puddle of our own drool after eating too many of them.

On Sunday, I got to see Ali in her fabulous cabaret show that she performs at the Liberace Museum every Sunday. Not only was her show lots of fun, but I got to spend some time being hypnotized by the mirrored and sequined fabulosity of about a gilliion Liberace costumes. Here are my favorites (and yes, I am wearing Emerson in these pictures):

The red one is called the Lasagna suit. Oh that Liberace, he was a cut up.

Sunday night, we commenced to making the “free dummy”

If this was a movie, I would put a montage here, but since it is a blog, you just get this:

Et Voila! Duct tape dress form double of moi!

Just think of the sewing creations that will hang upon her limbless frame.

Free dummy was completed around 2am and by that point everything in the world was funny to me.

Woke up on Monday to celebrate my darling best friend’s birthday. We had brunch and then went to TWO different cupcake places so we could compare and contrast. One knife, three plates and six cupcakes later, we were a bit more educated on the Las Vegas cupcake scene. MMMMMM…..

Then we got on the road and made it home by around 10pm (Ali had a call back so we got to ride together round trip). Miss Z was still awake and gave me about the best hug ever. I tried to tell Ali the entire story of Lost (except most of the last season that I haven’t seen yet) on our way home. That is not your average bedtime story. But we managed. We did stop up to the Long John Silvers on the way in and snapped this photo (thank you scary man).

Back to the grind but refreshed from a weekend away.

And may I send out super props to the hubz. Not only did he have the girls all by himself all weekend, but he dressed them for church and got there early on Sunday, he got them ready for school on Monday, took them out to a restaurant (BY HIMSELF) on Monday night (something even I wouldn’t brave) and got them bathed and in pj’s before I made it home. He is my hero. Love that guy.

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