Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camp Taba-wana-hoo

This weekend we went on a camping trip with our church at the Lake Cachuma recreation area. It was soooooo fun! We got a bit of a late start on Friday because I had to work till 3pm and then the traffic was butterific, but we made it there by sometime after 7pm and still had enough light to get the tent set up.

It was very cold in the mornings and once the sun went down, so I was happy I brought plenty of blankets and jackets for the fam. The days were scorching hot, so I was also glad I brought the sunscreen.

This is our tent. It is a 5-man tent that I purchased in 1996. I was certain I was going to be a camping diva. This camping trip marks the first time the tent was actually used by me for camping. It has gone camping with my friends, but never with me. Some camping diva I turned out to be. But I am really excited to camp out again. I wish I had taken a picture of our van. It was stuffed to the gills! In the end, we actually used everything, except we brought too much food, but one of my diseases is worrying that there won’t be enough food. My mother is convinced everyone will suffocate and so we always had to sleep with a fan and the door open. I just worry everyone will starve (you should see the amount of snacks I take on an airplane).

Luckily, many of my other church members are avid campers and so we had fire and shade and all the other things that make camping nice. There were bathrooms and showers nearby, but with such a wonderful excuse not to bathe, I didn’t bother. We brought Miss Z's training potty for nighttime. It was too cold to leave the tent, so I didn’t mind the ridiculousness of a tiny toilet.

Of course there were smores and hot dogs and snacks and all the other stuff you have to have when you go out into the wilderness. Several of our fellow campers were in some pretty tricked out RV’s and so the lucky little guys got to get out of the cold and watch some Barbie movies on DVD at night (is that cheating?).

The only thing we forgot were the pillows. You can see in this picture that the hubz resorted to sleeping on a crushed roll of paper towels.

When we got home, we were about as dirty as you can possibly be-covered from head to toe in dust and probably smelling a little bbq’d to boot from time around the campfire.

Now I am plotting our next camping adventure but on our own. Uncle Tim will have to teach us how to build a fire. I added it to the 101 list.

See the great outdoors. The stars alone will take your breath away.

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