Monday, May 3, 2010

Updates and Further Adventures

So I have decided that this is just my blog. I am still working on the 101 things, but I don’t want to have a million blogs and I like reading blogs and I like blogging (even though almost no one reads mine…but maybe someday).

Anywho…Youngest daughter eats almost nothing these days. One of the things she will eat is bread, so I made cinnamon bread without those pesky raisins they put in all things cinnamon (insert a loud HRMPH here).

This is out of order but the picture loader on this blog thing is driving me nuts right now. See, they like what I made. I am a good mother. I will make them look at this picture if they ever decide to tell me I ruined their lives.

First I made some whole wheat crackers.

Here’s the recipe:

The recipe is great tasting, but it is hard to gauge when to take them out. As you can see, they range from Cajun (nothing is burnt in my house, only “blackened”) to golden brown perfection, but the range between the two stages happens in seconds.
However, even the Cajun ones taste good so whatever.

Then I made cheese crackers. I will not post the recipe because I don’t think they turned out that great. I’m gonna eat them anyway and all, but I think there are better crackers out there to be made.

Then I made graham crackers. These are darn tootin good!

[Dag nabbit, I just erased the picture of the delicious graham crackers. Whatever, you get nothing.]

Here is the recipe:

Note: I just used regular sugar cuz that is what I had.

And here are some updates on my garden and a picture of the composter that is finally in! We are so very green around here. I went to empty the kitchen scaps last night in the dark and I was afraid something was going to jump out and eat my face off, but I am still here.

Miss Z planted these from a kit Nana sent to her.


So all is well with the world. More soon.



  1. That's a mighty lot of baking you did there! I'm glad nothing ate your face off. These days all Ian will eat is bacon, chicken, dry cereal, and potato chips. No fruits or veggies. That's how I know he's really mine.

  2. Bananas,yogurt, crackers, chips,some baby food, sometimes bread,argh, I love the least they look like me :)