Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corn Dog Cupcakes

Yesterday we made corn dog cupcakes. Miss Z was a big help. She cut up all the hot dogs. It was her first chopping experience and lest you think I have wanton disregard for the safety of my daughter, it is a butter knife and I was supervising very closely.

That was the beauties in the oven.
Fully cooked.

Served on a plate (one with ketchup frosting which remarkably, just like regular frosting, got licked off, leaving behind the intact cupcake).
I will not post the recipe because although I still believe this is one of the greatest ideas ever, the cornbread recipe that I used was a little too dense and dry. I will give out a recipe when I feel I find one that is worthy of blogland.
Life is delicious!

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  1. Corn dog cupcakes! Um... YUM! You always seem to have access to the most amazing recipe ideas!