Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The first harvest

I am thrilled to announce that our corn plant is with child. We have a baby corn just growing away. I am giddy with anticipation (how well does one ear of corn split 4 ways?).
And we reaped the first harvest from our garden this week. I should say “harvest”. It was two cherry tomatoes (one for Miss Z and one for me and the hubz to share) and one jalepeno. But still, that is more than I have ever gotten from a vegetable garden I planted, so I am darn excited. You can see here that Miss Z is both a proud farmer and an enthusiastic eater of the “harvest”.

I haven’t decided how I will use my pepper yet. Miss Z thought I should just eat it on the spot, but I plan to savor it in something delicious. Hopefully it will soon have friends, but I ain’t taking any chances. Gotta make this one count!

I also sewed a new dress this weekend. I am back into sewing after a long vacation. I decided I hated it for a while, but now it seems like endless fun to me. I made the pattern for this dress myself from another of my dresses that I love. I was drawn to this chicken fabric because it says little chicken terms of endearment in French. I could not resist.

I call it the chicken dress.
Note the detail on the neckline (thanks complicated sewing machine!). Note the cute daughter who wanted to be in the above picture too.

And here is one more picture of cute daughter because she is CUTE!

Baking frenzy:
Oh! I went for a redo on last week’s granola bars. Much better this time. I still did half ricespy crispies (as Z calls them) and half oatmeal, but they came out yummy. Oh and mine have a mess of coconut in them too.

Tiny cute daughter doesn’t eat (as mentioned before). So I continue to try new tricks to get some kind of nutrition in her body. This week we have…BLACK BEAN COOKIES. You read that correctly. They basically turned out to be chocolate cookies that aren’t very sweet, but she ate three yesterday and I am assuming the combo of beans and whole wheat flour constituted a whole protein in some way

And I decided to try pizza in the 5 qt. chicken fryer. I found a super quick recipe for pizza crust(and I was so indulgent that I even used all white flour- but I think next time I will do half and half). I couldn’t really spread out the crust enough which made for an unusual and very 3-dimensional pizza crust. I will try the crust again, but I just think the fryer isn’t large enough to make a pizza in.
Also thought I would try to make homemade fruit and cereal bars. My kids call them Nadou bars after their grandma. You see, in any hunger emergency, you can depend on my mother-in-law to have a fruit and cereal bar in her purse (smashed flatter than a crepe [she is French after all, so it is more wafer thin than a pancake]). To our Nadou, a few bottles of water and some cereal bars will get you through any disaster (natural or otherwise). However, those bars contain all sorts of unnecessary goop. So I made some. They are really good. And by the way, I did not have wheat germ, so I crumbled up some bran flakes. And I used cherry jelly and applesauce for the inside goo. Tastes good to me.

Have a good week!

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