Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sick, sick, and then revived

I was ill last week. Thursday and Friday were a complete wash. I started to rally from my cold on Saturday and so I managed to accomplish something. Sick is not fun. I don’t do sick. I have a hard time staying put. And when I stay home (like you do when you are an invalid), I just see the sink full of dishes and the pile of laundry that needs to be folded and so I usually give up and clean the house first so I can rest. Of course then it just gets messed up again, but I like to start from a certain baseline of filth.

As to the weekend…

I have been craving Kolaches for a while now and thought I would make some. These are good, but not quite in line with my sense memory (first of all, the sausage should be on the inside like some kind of ground beast surprise), but they were good. However, husband and older daughter apparently do not believe that any kind of meat in casing should be served to them in the vehicle of bread. They ate the sausage and left the rolls. I was furious. I made yeast bread for pete’s sake. It took time and kneading and time and love and time. And they don’t care. Ugh. Children and husbands rarely cooperate in the way you hoped and imagined.

I also tried another granola bar recipe. It was ok and the hubz actually inhaled the entire batch in one sitting and just left behind a crumbly mess for me to sprinkle on my yogurt, but I like the other ones better. I have a few more recipes I would like to try. Oh, and I didn’t grind up my oatmeal (cuz who wants to get out the food processor for that) and I kind of split up the oatmeal between Cheerios and oatmeal and squished them up some with my hands. And I added coconut and chocolate chips and dried cherries. I almost never go by the recipe 100%. The creativity is half the fun.I got some time to sew again. I am so enjoying doing it. And I really thought I had come to hate sewing and probably would not do it again until I was pressed into creating a giant flower costume or an octopus costume or something when the girls begin their elementary school acting careers. But it is a blast again. Note the kicky hem. I am also enjoying the fancy stitches on my machine. (Please ignore the hair- invalids sew, they do not brush hair)

On Sunday I was in charge of painting the windows for our Vacation Bible School. I had tons of help (don’t get me wrong), but I drew the picture and I am kind of proud of the results. We are having a rainforest theme. Too bad you can’t really see the monkey.

Have a wonderful week and if I don’t speak to you before then…HAPPY JULY 4th!!! God Bless America. I might complain sometimes, but we are so very lucky to have been born in a place where we don’t have to worry where we will get clean water or that bombs will crash down upon our heads when we are going to the grocery store….and that we have grocery stores with actual food in them.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! I have one very similar, also green but a celery green. It's longer and the bow ties in the back, but now I'm wishing I could sew so that I could make it shorter like yours. I have a really nice sewing machine that I am terrified of. Come to Houston and teach me to sew? I mean really teach me, not just do it for me like last time. :) Super impressed with the Kolaches, and I would have totally eaten the dough.

  2. Thanks!!!! I am kind of completely obsessed with it lately and I barely have any time to do it. It is like I am trying to engineer the whole week so I can have time to sew on the weekend. Thank you for virtually eating my dough. Husbands and kids are not to be depended on these days :)