Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Good Southern Daughter

So this weekend was nice.

Friday night we had leftover curried peas that I had made a while back (that is a recipe for another day) and I made some whole wheat chapatis (got it from the Prudent Homemaker website). These things are literally just flour, water and salt, but GOOD. the hubz has decided that since I have been on the homemade bread kick, that this is his favorite thing so far. I was afraid his stomach might swell and explode once any liquid hit cuz he ate so many, but he survived.

Then on Saturday I decided to make the baking frenzy a little easier by giving the young un’s their own cooking project. I handed Z a bowl, some water, flour and a spoon and told her to make whatever she wanted.

This is her cooking on top of the diaper genie. As the chief health inspector in our house, I decided to look the other way just this once (don’t worry, no one eats the “project”).

And what did the kiddies decide to make us? Meatballs. Yes, that’s right. A bucket of rocks slathered in a paste made of flour and water. What could be more appetizing? The best part is that after the rocks are done, you can spend the rest of the day cursing your free-spirited momminess while you scrape dough paste off everything in the house and your children. But it was a lot of fun to watch them filled with glee at the mess.

Actually, Miss Tiny spent most of her time standing by the dryer vent and being amazed and amused at the air coming out. Childhood was such bliss. Remember when hot air was fascinating?

As to the baking frenzy…

There were many of the usual suspects. But I also made some nummy yummy chocolate cookies.

These turned out well, but I have just learned that 8oz of chocolate chips and one cup of chocolate chips do not the same volume create. I had to add some flour to make my dough less of a runny mess. They were really decadent at first, but as the week progressed, they kind of hardened on me. I like to have cookies for the week, so I may need to look for another recipe. Oh, and I did ½ choc chips and ½ white chips to mix it up. You can’t really tell from the picture.

I got my cast iron skillet this week. It was my housewarming gift from my dad. I feel like I got a new Corvette. Ain’t she sweet? I nearly got a hernia lifting the box and trying to get it up on the stove, but it is awesome. A 5qt. chicken fryer. I haven’t fried any chicken in quite a while, but I have been hankerin’ to make some cornbread.

Here is the result. Whole wheat cornbread. I literally ate half of this by myself in one day. Apparently the hubz doesn’t particularly care for cornbread. Unfortunately for him, I have a 5 qt. cast iron chicken fryer in my possession and I don’t anticipate the cornbread will stop any time soon.

I also made a pot of black-eyed peas so that we could have peas, collard greens and cornbread for lunch after church on Sunday. Am I a good southern gal or what (just ignore the fact that there is no bacon in any of the above…the good southern gal wants to live to see 100- some concessions must be made)?

Just in case you were wondering how cool my kids are…

They are to cool for you, your school, most of Hollywood and maybe even ice itself.

Miss Z came up with her own outfit. I think it is sort of Liza Manelli meets Moby. Note the ruffled tights for pants and the headphones as a belt. She rocks it. Miss Tiny of course is sporting the pacifier and flour paste tattoo look.

On Saturday night we got to see some friends that we don’t get to see much. It was relaxing and lovely. Unfortunately one of the friends was taking this picture. Just imagine him. He is perfectly handsome and cooked us a great dinner of hot dogs and fajitas.
On Sunday I also began my one month experiment of observing Sunday as a day of rest. I have a hard time sitting still and I think God gave us one day off for a reason. I am trying it. Took a nap (a miracle) and forced myself to stare at the pile of unfolded laundry and not do anything with it. Now I am behind, but a little better rested.

More soon…


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