Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's check something off the list...

My man deserves his props. He is a wonderful husband and father. Here are the top 20 things (in absolutely no particular order) I love about him. To be fair, it is actually the 20 things I just thought of and then stopped.

20 favorite things

  1. He handles the dishes
  2. He accepts me just as I am and knows the real me more than anyone
  3. He thinks I am pretty and tells me so
  4. He is affectionate
  5. He loves his kids
  6. He is fair
  7. He is handsome
  8. He makes my stomach jump when I watch him play guitar
  9. He is a super hard worker
  10. He loves to laugh
  11. He lets me drive on long trips because I hate riding
  12. He loves God
  13. He doesn’t judge me (too much) when I go whole hog on something to the point of obsession and then a couple of weeks later get bored of it
  14. He likes to spend time with me
  15. He is loyal
  16. Family comes first in his life
  17. He eats almost anything without complaint
  18. He is a dork, so I can be a dork too
  19. He gives me time to myself to recharge
  20. He is happy to be a monster or a patient or whatever else little guys need him to be for the purposes of pretend play


  1. Such sweetness...
    There's something for you on my blog.

  2. You know I think it is wonderful to celebrate the great things your husband is and does for you. If more women would compliment their men and rejoice in them, there would be fewer divorces. Congrats, he sounds like a simply marvelous fellow!

  3. Sandi Jo,
    He is a marvelous fellow. I am truly blessed. Thank you for your sweet comment.