Monday, March 21, 2011

New book review

Well, you will probably notice over the next whatever that I am a bit obsessed on the parenting side lately. My oldest will start kindergarten next year and after some experiences my sister had when my niece started school, I fear some negative influences in the "too much information" department could enter my daughter's life. I plan to be prepared like Rambo. I know she is only 5, but some families don't seem to consider that when they pass information to their kids. So I just read this:

I loved this book. It is written in a really accessible way. It didn't feel judgey and it was very realistic about what goes on in the lives of our kids. I like the fact that this mother encourages openess with your kids and gives you tools to start fostering that kind of communication early on. If you wait till they are already teenagers, it may be too late.

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