Thursday, March 3, 2011

Been sick...

Been sick with the pneumonia. Spent some time in the hospital and then convalescing at home. Now I am trying to ramp back up. Just to get the flow going again, I will include a list of random things about me. I tried to do 25, but my brain started to hurt from trying to think of things of real interest. So if you have anything to add, please do tell!

  1. I am a little obsessed with the Duggars (the folks with 19 kids). So much so, that my 5-yr old daughter and I can both name you all 19 of their children in birth order.
  2. My husband and I wrote a song that was performed by the finalist from Bulgaria in the Eurovision music contest in 2009. This is a really popular contest in Europe (kind of like American Idol). ABBA was discovered in this contest.
  3. I have never seen Titanic.
  4. The nicknames I have had in my life that have stood the test of time are: Toilet Bear, Mr. Cooper and Gentle Bird.
  5. I can’t eat a lot of hot food at one time or I feel grossed out. Like a big steaming glob of mashed potatoes or oatmeal or something. I prefer gently warmed.
  6. Wet hair is completely skeevy to me. When I wash my hair, I have to keep it in a towel and then put on a shirt really quick so it won’t touch my skin.
  7. I have double-jointed thumbs.
  8. I hate talking on the phone (unless I am in traffic and bored) and my friends get annoyed because I don’t answer, don’t listen to my voicemails and never return calls. Most people know to call my husband if they need to talk to me.
  9. I love baby goats. I wish I could have one. They are the cutest creatures God ever made (except my kids).
  10. Sometimes I feel sick to my stomach when I look at statues- particularly if they are high up or very large.
  11. I have many happy days in my life, but I can’t figure out what “the happiest day of my life” was.
  12. At the end of movies, my best friend and I like to sit in the theatre and watch the credits roll. Then we pick some random name to cheer and yell and clap for like we know the person.
  13. I have some kind of mental block that keeps me from remembering anyone’s birthday.
  14. My husband and I also never remember our wedding anniversary. At some point in the day (most years) one of us will say, “Oh hey, we forgot our anniversary again.” And then we will laugh and not do anything about it.
  15. We never have ice at our house. We always have to go buy a bag if someone is coming over.
  16. One of my all-time favorite foods is ramen noodles.
Can you believe it is already March?


  1. Ditto on the calling/answering phone thing! I never knew this about you, though! I always feel bad about not calling people but now I don't have to feel bad about not calling you because I know you are a weirdo like me. Haha! Also Greg and I always forget our anniversary, or rather I do, Greg tends to remember it because it's 2 days before his birthday, (which I am also terrible at remembering those too.) We never do anything for our anniversary either. I had our wedding date engraved onto the inside of wedding ring to help me remember it better, but I doubt it will work.
    Titanic is, in my opinion, greatly overrated.

  2. I hope you get well! That sounds scary.


  3. Commenting on an old post, but re: ramen noodles, I have to say Meeeee Tooooo! Why are they so delicious? I buy them by the bale.